We help you avoid expensive time sapping mistakes from Day 1.

We work with you to develop a market-driven plan for your software product crafted to maximize your chances of success and minimize your risks and costs. Then we make sure it gets built right, the first time.

Your industry is being disrupted by technology. Doing nothing is not an option.

What We Do


Consultation on product strategy, direction, and lifecycle planning


Active management of product development organization

Research & Design

Research and design services related to software products

Farmhouse vs. Development Shops

Most software development shops simply build what you request, as cheaply and quickly as possible. Unfortunately the end result is very often not what your customers actually need, and lots of money and time is wasted correcting the situation.

We help you identify the right solution from Square 1. Through consultation with you and your personnel, research, and a ton of elbow grease Farmhouse learns your business and applies their extensive experience  to your specific challenges in order to identify the right product for your organization, and the right resources to design, develop and support it for the long run.

Item Farmhouse Dev Shop
Market research, including market surveys, customer interviews, and focus groups?
Careful examination of ALL options (including doing nothing)?
Experienced managing Agile development?
Able to use multiple development organizations as needed?
Will choose the most appropriate and cost effective development platform based on your needs?
Builds with an eye toward full product lifecycle and sustainability (NOT just delivering v1.0)?
Puts a priority on User Experience/Interface (UX) and product design?

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